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Javanese Lulur 105 Minutes  Rp. 150.000

This is traditional ritual ago Java King and Queen still tradition until now. 
Begin with luxurious massage with essential oil and continue with lulur skin scrub applied lightly to clean and smooth the skin after the skin has been cleaned, your body is continue with yoghurt, finally with exotic flowers bath.

Milk Bath 105 Minutes   Rp. 160.000

Begin with 1 hour massage, followed by body treatment with
herbal scrub and then milk, next a complete coating of milk is applied and finally bath scented with fresh flowers with milk.

Green 'Tea Scrub  105 Minutes  Rp. 180.000

Begin with 1 hour massage for relaxation the followed green tea scrub, good for dead skin, 
open purpose and cleansing body from natural ingredient of green tea the end relax with flowers bath.

Balinese Boreh 105 Minutes  Rp. 180.000

A therapeutic blood circulation treatment begin with 1 hour massage, followed by exhilarating scrub call boreh. 
Finised with flowers bath.

Honey Scrub 105 Minutes   Rp. 180.000

This treatment start with 1 hour massage followed with pure of traditional honey mixed squeeze of lime than scrub bed finished with flowers bath.