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Balinese Massage 1 hour | Rp. 80.000

This traditional therapy combines stretching, long stroke, skin rolling and palm and thumb pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, erase stress and calm mind.

Foot Massage 1 hour | Rp. 80.000

This techniques is based on foot massage and assistant in the relief of stress and tension. 
This technique is based on the promise that the body contains energy or "Chi" constantly flowing channels or zones
which white from the reflex point on die foot.

Aroma therapy Massage   1 hour | Rp. 90.000

An invigorating warning, techniques are used to relax muscle allowing your therapist to concentrate zon 
your muscle tension choice from nine aroma therapy for total relaxation

Swedish Massage   1 hour | Rp. 100.000

This is the massage modality that most people are familiar with Swedish massage is generally done with the aid of oils and incorporate long, smooth, slow stroke creating a very relaxing experience.

Stone Massage 90 Minutes | Rp. 150.000

Deep relaxing with hot stone and aroma oil, ideal for recharging energy and stressed body. 

Manicure or pedicure

First hand bath or foot bath 5 minutes, cuticles treatment and last wash with warm water.

-Without Polish Rp. 55.000
-With Polis, Rp. 70.000
-With Flower Rp. 80.000
- French Manicure or Pedicure Rp. 80.000

Ayurvedic Shirodara Massage

Traditional therapy from India  90 Minutes   Rp. 170.000
for hair and body treatment with special oils. This treatment gives you energy, 
balancing body and mind,includes massage, hair wash and hair dry.

Head Massage 30 Minutes    Rp. 60.000

This special style of head massage, 
begins with the back shoulder and neck and then continues to the head. 
Head massage is good for circulation which decreases headaches and stress.